🏹 Warrior #30 Zulla Blue Rhodonite MC Skull 5753

There are so many legends about the 13 crystal skulls. For me, they are the wise ones, full of universal consciousness. I believe the 13 skulls have been on the earth plane for a long time, maybe from the begining of time, even not in physical forms, and brought here by members of our star nation family for their cosmic intelligence and are capable of sharing and communicating information to each other and the human beings.

13 crystal skulls don’t necessarily to be together in order to create, form, or interact, as they are always in touch with each other in different time frame and dimensions, even they might be more powerful together but it not essential.  All the 13 skulls legends are trying to tell us they hold information that will be useful to all of us, as we go into the upgrade of ascension on mother earth and all beings on earth.

This upgrade is gradually taking place no matter we are aware of it or not; the rising of our energies to our consciousness is happening all around us, big clearance is underway which might cause big changes. Each one of us has a specific job to do that is to hold a high energy light frequency. And crystal skulls will be our best companion for the upgrade.

Warrior #30 Zulla Blue Rhodonite MC Skull 5753
Skull Style: MC Skull
Series: Warrior #30/300 “Zulla”
Material: Blue Rhodonite
Mine: Carnaíba Mine, Pindobaçu, Bahia, Brazil
Carver:Leandro De Souza